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Enrich your vocabulary

This learning environment provides students with several pictures which aim at teaching new vocabulary. By clicking on the icons you will hear the correct pronunciation and see the written form of the word. Please investigate the place as much as you can because some icons are difficult to find. The -> button brings you to the next room.  After finishing the quiz, students will be able to name different rooms within the house as well as the objects found in rooms. In order to answer the quiz questions,  the words heard and seen within the environment must be remembered. When you are finished with the tour, press the quizz – button below to test what you have learned.

In which room was the girl watching tv?
What was the girl holding in her hands while watching the tv?
In which room was the girl brushing her teeth?
In which room did you see the entrance door?
Which objects did you see on the balcony?
Objects in the bedroom were..?
Which room is embedded together with living room?
Which type of decoration can you find in the bedroom?
Balcony is surrounded by ..?
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