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task1 – Virtual Reality

What is your understanding of Virtual Reality? Think of experiences you can make in the VR – how are they different or similar to the physical reality?

Have you made any experiences with Virtual Reality or related technologies?

Write no more than 10 sentences!

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In my opinion, Virtual Reality is everything that virtually interacts with reality. What I mean by that is that even Navigation systems are part of Virtual Reality because they show me my realistic location with the help of virtuality. In addition to that, Video games can be seen as Virtual Reality because they display a world, a scene or a location that is not real. Experiences: I´ve only played some video games, but I´ve nver been able to wear one of these VR-Glasses. I know that PokemonGo is also some kind of Virtual Reality, or to be precise augmented reality. But I´ve never played it so my experiences are fairly small.

Virtual reality is an environment simulated by a computer, which makes the “user” feel like they are actually in this simulated place. Some VR systems even allow interactions between user and the simulated world (e.g. computer games). Developed VR systems can stimulate not only visual factors, but also feelings or sounds.
I personally did not have many experiences with VR but I did try it out once in an electronic store. They displayed the VR headset for a shooter game and you we able to try it on. It was rather weird for the first time and I definitely needed some time to get used to it, but is surely was fascinating. My mother although felt rather dizzy and sick after using the headset, so I guess there are also some unwanted side effects that can occur.

I have already heart something about Virtual Reality and in my opinion, Virtual Reality is everything that virtually interacts with reality. Unfortunately, I personally haven’t been able to gain a lot of experience with it, but I know that it is an ascending trend in our society. It’s exciting to find out in which areas Virtual Reality can be applied. I read a lot about Virtual Reality online and watched some videos. When I got more involved with the topic, I remembered that my brother likes to play video games in which an artificial environment is created with a software so that it looks as real as possible. There’s also this new feature on Facebook with which you can create and post 360° images. Furthermore, my boyfriend is training to be an engine driver and he told me that sometimes virtual glasses are used to depict work circumstances or dangerous situations in a realistic manner. Through TV commercials, I have also seen that the furniture store IKEA offers their customers to virtually walk through your new kitchen, living room or bedroom in a realistic graphical representation from at home. Of course, there are many other areas where Virtual Reality can be used, and I can’t wait to learn more about it.

At first, I have to admit that I am not an expert when it comes to virtual reality. In fact, less than four months ago I couldn´t even describe the concept of 360°Media. My first opportunity to get in touch with the latest technology trend was during the ELT 2020 conference. Various application of 360° Media, 3D Scan (Photogrammetry) and important facts about virtual reality were discussed. However, this experience was so incentive for me that I am not only became more aware of my surroundings, but I have even visited the Ars Electronica Center in Linz to broaden my horizon in this field. As I am still I a beginner when it comes to virtual reality, I hope this course expands my knowledge.

My first VR experience was when I visited a friend of mine. He owns the Oculus Rift model and when he asked me to try them out for myself I did not refuse. I watched one movie and played one game. The name of the movie was The Deep, and the game was EndSpace, I believe. I have played video games for all my life, but VR really is a different layer of gaming experience. Obviously I did not struggle with the mechanics or anything else. When I play VR games, it comes natural, much like any other gamepad, mouse, controller, etc. I point this out, because many people I know struggled with the controls of VR games and a few suffered from motion sickness.

When I hear the term “virtual reality” I automatically think of everything going on on the web. I have to admit that technology is not my point of force, however, I think it is an extremely interesting topic and essential for our society nowadays. What I have seen on tv and on commercials are those kind of phone – glasses – mixture which I obviously do not even know how they are called. However, it gives me the impression, that there is a whole other world behind those devices that I cannot even imagine. Personally, I have never had the pleasure of trying them on, but I definitely would as soon as I have the chance to. Also, because I am a little bit sceptical of how they can let you think of being in another dimension. Nevertheless, I am thrilled to get to know more about this chapter of our everyday life

When I first heard about Virtual Reality, the first thing that came to my mind was something kind of the 3D glasses at the cinema, the experience of getting simulated by the virtual environment. however, VR experience is much more than that. Especially within the context of education, I can say that I do not have any experience with VR, but after making a research about it, I came to realize that VR experience is a time-saving, easy-to-use, practical and visually engaging environment to keep learners motivated and excited. Furthermore, I believe that it is such a great opportunity for learners to explore new ways of learning, having fun while learning, learning by doing, and getting inspired by technological advances!

I do not have plenty of experience regarding VR in particular, but of course, I do have heard of it quite often. It seems to be a trend I missed out on. Although, I have watched viedos on YouTube and other websites which show people wearing VR equipment and not dealing with that that well let’s say :-P. Personally, I think I also would have issues regarding my spatial awareness. It sure is funny to watch. However, I tried out a 360° camera which was nice. A good friend of my is paragliding and the recordings are stunning. This may be a field I would be more interested in. 😊

My only experience with Virtual Reality was in connection with gaming via PlayStation. I can’t remember the name of the game, but it was a shooter. The VR allowed me to put different attachments on a variety of guns, shoot them and so on. It was an interesting experience to see how the assembling process works virtual. I can imagine that VR can be used in different ways to explain and show different things, for example the function of technical parts or the human body without the necessary parts you would need in reality. Also you can’t destroy or damage items in VR so it can be a useful tool.

Since I unfortunately haven’t had much experience with Virtual Reality, I can’t say much about it. Only once, I could test a pair of VR glasses in an electronics store, where a roller coaster was installed. Unfortunately, I had to take the glasses off, because everything seemed very real to me and I literally felt sick. Apart from that I only know it from hearing and from various videos games. I would love to have such VR glasses for my PlayStation. But this technology is very expensive. With virtual reality everything seems very real and it is sometimes difficult to distinguish from the actual event.

For me, virtual reality is a newly created reality that was conceived and then realized by someone. When I hear VR, I immediately think of video games that are becoming more and more realistic. VR also means to me that you can explore the environment yourself and possibly make your own decisions. For me, one of the first games where decisions have a big impact on the course of history was Heavy Rain. Every decision had different consequences, which I liked very much and therefore felt very connected to the story. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to try VR glasses yet, but I will as soon as I get the chance. I also find it interesting that VR can be used to visit different real places, like the Guggenheim Museum, especially now that travel options are limited, you can still explore foreign places from home.

In my opinion, virtual reality is a space which, unlike the space of a film, does not have to be partially completed but can be seen completely by the recipient. Before the course I thought that creating a VR world is a challenging task that cannot be mastered by average people. However, I now know that such worlds can be created by teachers without previous experience and used for teaching purposes.

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