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task6 – ThingLink

  • Go to ThingLink.com and log on
  • Select the course VR Learning UAB
  • Focus on tasks 1 to 3
  • In order to edit the images you need to click the clone button – it pops up after clicking the three dots next to the share button
  • Your aim is more on familiarizing yourselves with the different functionalities and less on developing appropriate content (of course you can still record audio files that fit to the pictures)
  • Try out to upload images, audio files and create new links between the pictures
  • Customize the hotspots
  • You will notice that the system requires you to also upload an image when you try to integrate an audio file
  • The system provides the option to integrate ‚atmospheric audio files‘ that start automatically when accessing the image – try to integrate an audio file in such a way
  • Paste the links to your results into the comment section

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Task 1: Bridge

the relevant questions are included.

Task 2: Prepositions

for this task, relevant questions might be:
1- The two men are standing ….. (next to/ behind)each other.
2- There is one man hiding……..(in front of/behind) the wall.
3- There are four pictures hanging ……… (under/on) the wall.

Task 3: Eisbach

Relevant questions might be:
1- Where is Eisbach?
2- Can people swim there?
3- What is Eisbach famous for?

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