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Student Life at the AAU

This VR world consists of a listening comprehension portrayed as a 360 degree learning environment. By clicking on the speaker icons you can listen to the different conversations of students at the AAU Klagenfurt. You follow Martina around the university, asking her friends for advice on her essay’s she has to write for a course. In order to enter the next slide, click on the other icon that you can find somewhere in the virtual environment. The last scene in the library will ask you to identify three books, so pay attention when you hear someone talking about books. Listen closely to the conversations and afterwards press the quizz button below to test what you can remember.

Why is Martina stressed at the moment?
About what topic, concerning the 18th Century, does Bianca know about?
Where can Martina find Fabio?
Did Fabio write an essay, an article or a paper on the 18th Century?
Where exactly will Martina find the right books in the library?
About what course is Selina talking about?
Is Ernest Hemingway a British or American writer?
What book does Selina need from the library?
What are the three books Fabio suggested to Martina?
What are the colors of the three books Fabio suggested?
Student life at the AAU
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