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Preparation of a traditonal Austrian dessert

This VR learning environment provides students with several pictures which aim at teaching new vocabulary and at the same time they learn how to prepare a traditional apple pie. Move around and click on the hotspots. By clicking on the hotspots, you will get additional information, or you will hear the instructions on how to prepare the apple pie. The red button with the arrow upwards brings you to the next room. Try to remember what you have heard and seen within the environment. On the last picture you will find a hotspot that looks like a yellow star. Click on the hotspot to complete these tasks. When you are finished with the task, press the quiz button below to test what you have learned.

What do we prepare for dessert?
Where do we buy our products for the apple pie?
Is it important to buy local products?
What are the main ingredients we need for our apple pie?
What do we use to peel the apples?
To how much degree you have to preheat the oven?
How long do we have to bake the apple pie in the oven?
Preparation of a traditional Austrian dessert - Quiz
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