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„If you’re feeling like you need a little bit of company, you’ve met me at the perfect time“

  • If you think we should start a small business together, now is the right time
  • If you’d like to have somebody around, I’m here for you
  • You should start a small business right now, but without me




What does ‘put the money where your mouth is’ mean?
Put the money where your mouth is
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What does ‘best thing since sliced bread’ mean?
Best thing since sliced bread
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PS 552.246

Task 8

360° Camera incl. camera tripod

Camera bag

Audio recorder

Audio recorder settings (Lo cut on, Auto Level on, Rec Format mp3)

Mini SD card reader

Camera charger (USB C)

How to setup and use the camera Gear 360° with an Android phone:

How to setup and use the camera Gear 360° with an Apple phone:


3D Projects

Troll Cabins Finland

PS 552.246

task7-learning theories in VR learning contexts

Written assignment at least one page, no more than two pages

(fontsize: 12 pt, linespacing: 1.5)

Read the chapter 1 ‘Methoden des Fremdsprachenuntereichts in lerntheoretischer Perspektive -Überblick’ from Jörg Roche’s (2005) book Fremdsprachenerwerb – Fremdsprachendidaktik, attached to my email

Roche, Jörg. (2005). Fremdsprachenerwerb – Fremdsprachendidaktik. Tübingen: Narr, pp. 1 -12.

Address the following points in your written assignment:

-Summarize the key issues of the introduced approaches
-Discuss how these learning theories apply to your project proposal (to be able to this you would also need to develop ideas concerning how to test the learning outcomes)

Submit you assignment via mail or via the comment section before 14th of May

PS 552.246

task6 – ThingLink

  • Go to ThingLink.com and log on
  • Select the course VR Learning UAB
  • Focus on tasks 1 to 3
  • In order to edit the images you need to click the clone button – it pops up after clicking the three dots next to the share button
  • Your aim is more on familiarizing yourselves with the different functionalities and less on developing appropriate content (of course you can still record audio files that fit to the pictures)
  • Try out to upload images, audio files and create new links between the pictures
  • Customize the hotspots
  • You will notice that the system requires you to also upload an image when you try to integrate an audio file
  • The system provides the option to integrate ‚atmospheric audio files‘ that start automatically when accessing the image – try to integrate an audio file in such a way
  • Paste the links to your results into the comment section
PS 552.246

task5 – 360°EFL drafts

Name Project Title Project Description
Christian B. Househould activities click here
Tobi H. A Chase Through the Woods click here
Christina H. Lost Dog Directions click here
Stefanie K. Crime Story Quiz click here
Petar M. click here
Chiara M. Professions click here
Stephanie P. Gestures and Feelings click here
Mara R. Implicit Meaning click here
Fabian S. Describing People click here
Elisa S. Grocery Shopping click here
Lisa T. Preparing Food click here
Denise W. Pirate Present Continuous click here
Eda Y. Activities in the Park click here



3D Projects

Coral Bike

PS 552.246

task1 – Virtual Reality

What is your understanding of Virtual Reality? Think of experiences you can make in the VR – how are they different or similar to the physical reality?

Have you made any experiences with Virtual Reality or related technologies?

Write no more than 10 sentences!

PS 552.246

task2 – 360° Media vs. Virtual Reality

Explore 360° media content on the following publishing platforms

Compare the interactive experiences afforded by 360°media with VR experiences in computer games such as Half-Life or GTA in terms of sign-materiality, the level of interactivity and user agency: In what ways are the employed signs different, how can you interact and what can you do in both environments?

Provide only key points.

  • Sign-Materiality
  • Level of Interactivity
  • User Agency
PS 552.246

task3 – draw your own VR world

Go to the website https://panoform.com/#grids  and printout the basic grid.

  • DRAW STH: all drawings will appear on the walls, floor, and ceiling
  • EDIT YOUR DRAWING: take a picture of your composition and crop to the corners of the grid
  • UPLOAD: Go to https://tool.panoform.com/ upload your composition from your phone library
  • VIEW your first self-created VR experience
  • ATTACH the drawing to your comment